Bitcoin sank 30% per week! Break down $ 4,500 to update the lowest price rate this year ETtoday International Cloud Cloud News


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The world's digital money prices were damaged, the weakness of their market was weak and its; sell more weight. Among them, the "bitcoin" did not stop the most broadcast money. He dropped for 22% a week, selling sales. It started 10% on the 20th and fell below $ 4,500. At $ 4,543.20, the lowest price set for this year was set, and the overall reduction per week is at 30%.

According to the Bitstamp Exchange, the second cryptocurrency fell, Ripple, 13% to $ 0.4451. The third largest cryptocurrency fell, the "Ethernet", 13.98% to $ 133.97.

The digital currency market was relatively stable, and the bitcoin price went down to $ 6,500 a few months ago. However, the wave of this reduction started this month. The outside world believes that the cause of this disaster is falling due to more difficult regulation, which has weakened market confidence. "Many people have lost their loss."

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