Bitcoin to one very low international year


The world's largest online currency has fallen by a low cost of $ 4,200 in a Tuesday trade, bringing total decline from the beginning of the year to over 65 per cent.

Bitcoin – the largest digital currency in the world with a market card – 16% fell at the trading session at Tuesday to its lowest level from Sept. 30, 1977, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. CoinMarketCapSouth Westerly

This money was reduced to the lowest level of the session, at $ 4,200 before reverting to $ 4,660. However, this product continues to have Bitcoin dropped to 30% out of one week.

Bitcoin's decline will appear shortly after no changes. Although the world's financial market was shaken in October, the currency was trading at $ 6,400, a & # 39; Setting a new criteria after a sharp decline earlier this year. However, after the sharp disaster of the previous session, the overall decrease since the beginning of 2018 of this money has increased by more than 65%.

"The world's leading markets are becoming fragile, disruptive and emotional and world-wide gaming," said Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors. CNBC"The drop does not mean that Bitcoin has been blown away from the world, it is still used, but in the short-term, there are times to go. affecting market, "said Tom.

Reduced $ 6,000 and lost the significant levels of significant investment support with many investors and put more emphasis on its; minute down. Technical reasons will reduce the extent to which brackets are broken, and making electronic money constantly coming out.

Bitcoin first arrived at $ 10,000 in October 2017 and rises to $ 20,000 a week before Christmas when individual investments made money to the market by going to the market. including two commercial derivatives. However, the focus of this digital money has not been retained because many ongoing negative changes have occurred to my own money market.

According to data of CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin's market now exceeds $ 80 billion. The next two is XRP (Ripple) and Ethereum, which is now $ 18 billion and $ 14.4 billion.

According to Vnexpress

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