Bitcoin value is $ 3800 and a & # 39; resulting in a total loss of $ 163 billion among users, bitcoin, swindled fraud?


Bitcoin, the cryptographic money, is declining in value and for some it is not about a stop. Valoris is currently $ 3,852, bitcoin is a long way from its financial level in 2017 which has made a huge contribution to investors. Indeed, at the beginning of 2017, this cryptographic money was estimated at $ 1,000. A few months later and more precisely in May 2017, the value of this money is being spent 2000 dollars. In August, August, convert $ 4,000 to mark and in October, the 5,000 and 6,000 dollar cash rewards. Although the bitcoin growth index compared to its already basic basic value, it was far from the expectation that the coming months would be even more interesting for this money. In November 2017, cryptographic value of money has risen to $ 8,000 and $ 10,000. in mid-December 2017, a bitcoin course broke out every record by reaching $ 20,000 worth.

This genuine crisis in 2017 has been attracting many people; have been financially investing financially so they can realize the benefits that this money can take. It should be noted that many projects have succeeded in the same time with the opportunity to invest in these projects based on the Bitcoin technology to collect faster benefits when the results will result from these projects.

However, the increase in the bitco indicator in 2017 could not be implemented in 2018 and February 2018, that is 2 months after being done; reaching the top of $ 20,000, the value of money began to show signs slowly. From $ 20,000 in December 2017, we spent $ 6,000 in February 2018. This decline continued in the following months and at the moment bitcoin value is set at $ 3850 according to CoinMarketCap data, the market capitalization platform of criptograpic funds . For those who have invested their finances by 1st January 2017, the fall is still possible.

But for the many users who threw themselves into this new financial ritual when the money was high in 2017 when it rises, the latest developments in the final- Clarity certainly to & # 39; leaves a very acidic taste. Compared to the current value of the man who has been made for a fortnight, almost 40% down. Compared to the highest of 20 078 dollars on 17 December 2017, this means a decline of 80%.

For some people, Bitcoin, the equation payroll system, is similar to a beautiful bubble that is embodied. For others, he says a bit about using the word milking. Instead, it's a fantastic scam where people put a lot of money to pay for billions of dollars to an unwanted unwanted unit that was then evaluated.

To show that it is better that there is a scam in the market capitalization of bitcoin, the complainants have a & # 39; Explain that we need to understand the valuation tool. According to CoinMarketCap statistics, there are currently 2074 crioptographic medals in front of 1926, last September and 1400 at the beginning of the year. Those glaptocurrencies that multiply over the months will attract new investors with ICO (Predictions of Generic Origin or cryptocopy) or other methods and their; the new medals continue to grow through the mining platform. To find out how the market share created cryptographic money, maximize the maximum number of silver medals with its price; at present. In addition, as new parts are permanently created through mining, this also creates the creation of a new market capital when it is sustainable price, which helps to reduce some of the damage.

At 1st From January 2018, all market cartoons have all bitcoin crioptographic money and $ 229 billion. Nowadays, this charter is $ 66 billion, so that $ 163 billion will go into smoke. Across the world, people worth $ 20,000 of bitcoins up with bitcoins worth less than $ 4,000.

For some users, bitcoin is very dangerous to be a safe long-term center, to do current affairs or even to consider. Combination of business and exchange of exchange that makes it nowhere is not a strength now enough to argue enough to invest. Others prefer to turn to gold, because this precious metal does not rust in time, compared to bitcoin that your eyes may have to do; aggravated according to the conditions. Others prefer, on the other hand, to be happy with traditional money and to attend various events of this money.

But for others, it's only a bit of time before bitcoin value comes back.

Well: Wolf Street

And you?

What do you think of disqualifying this ranking?

Do you think it's just temporary and that there is a financial increase? happening in the future?

Or in your opinion, this decline is only a show that it just shows its & # 39; top of a roof with a few?

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