Bitcoin works in a limited range for three to six months &


Vinny Lingham, active director of Civic's identity management company, said in CNBC's interview on November 26 that Bitcoin (BTC) price will be in a limited range for several months, was broken into & # 39; trade mark. $ 3,000.

Speaking on "Fast Money", Lingham said that the Bitcoin trade would depend on a range of $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 for at least three or six months. Lingham has queried the BTC price breakdown from the level of support with $ 3,000, as there is "a lot of short-term purchases around that brand."

However, Lingham emphasized "if we do not get out of their market game in the next three or six months, a $ 3,000 level could disappear."

Lingham also said that he was "too dangerous" to buy BTC at the current point, saying that there is a high prize if the market is changing. Lingham also said:

"I think the current dangers are more than short-term benefits, there are better opportunities thereafter, you may have to pay a little, but […] buy at that stage[$5.700 ] No $ 6,000 in the future will be a higher price, but it will be more at risk if Bitcoin goes back to that level and returns to the previous upgrades. "

When asked how BTC's prices had affected the development of Bitcoin-based platforms, Lingham argued that he was unsuccessful, but Bitcoin was a real problem ".

Vingham says that some people who bought Bitcoin were a valuable resource, which is confirmed, a & # 39; prove that it is real. "Others bought, said, the idea from Bitcoin from a paid network that would be with pay-makers such as MasterCard or Visa.

Lingham, who was formerly hopeful about cryptos – went into a cryptocurrencies market and Bitcoin in particular in 2013 – saying "a disaster" has a " community crypto as a result of its incredible ideas. In February 2017 he wrote a blog post to warns of the dangers of "other bubbles" in cryptocurrencies. Talk to her & # 39; In this case, Lingham said that the basics need to be a command to & # 39; market, not to consider, but does not have a & # 39; community agrees.

Earlier this week, Mike Novogratz, the founder of Galaxy Digital, said that he expects the "cryptocurrency" to "change next year" because "when the prices start to move again. " Novogratz also expected to have financial institutions; going from "investment in funding in the boundaries to invest in the autonomous territory in the first season of the next year."

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