Bitter cancer was found in more and more young patients.


Bitter cancer was found in more and more young patients.The causes of the rise in the event of this disease can be many.

Cancer that is different "young". The incident has fallen among older people in Europe and the USA, and among the young – otherwise it has gone up.

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Experts at Erasmus Rotterdam Medical Center in Europe and Americans have been diagnosed between 2008 and 2016 to find out about breast cancer among young patients aged 20-39. At the same time among elderly patients the number is falling – affecting regular medical examinations.

Why were breast cancer found in more and more young patients? Experts believe many of the reasons for the rise in the event will cause this disease. Thus, they visit obesity, diabetes, problems with the cavity of the kidneys, lack of physical activity, an interest in products from hand cut meat.

The experts from Massachusetts General Hospital will give the main reason for the growth of statistics on breast cancer obesity. They came to the conclusion of the observations of 85,000 women, who from the beginning of the project from 25 to 44 years. The idea started in 1980 and lasted until 2011. After all the recorded cases of bowel cancer that hit women at the age of 50 during the period of the inspection, and investigated them, the experts decided. science that the risk of disease is associated with being overweight. Notably, it showed that young women with a BMI index (body body mass) over 30 bowel cancer suffered twice as often as others.

“To stop breast cancer, it is very important that a healthy weight is maintained, starting from young people. We knew that the disease in obesity could partially reflect the problem of early cancer, but we were surprised to learn how obesity is affecting young people, ”said authors. T research.

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Scientists also believe the development of obesity among young patients, is linked to the ability to improve bowel cancer, with an increased risk of other cancers, including cancer of the cancer. the brain, the doctor, the ecze, the ovens, the liver, the creel and the kidney. According to the American Cancer Society, between 1995 and 2014, cases of 6 of the 12 types of cancer associated with obesity rose amongst young people.

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