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For centuries, the health benefits of citrus or lemon have been known, particularly those of strong anti-bacterial and viral properties, improved immunity, aid in weight loss, improved excavation and cleansing. the liver.

– Improve the level of high blood pressure and the protection of their heart

Lemon works on vasodilation of blood vessels, so struggling against high blood pressure, and protecting the heart generally, because potassium is there. Pectin, along with some other materials such as lemonade, also helps boost well-being that may help with removing colleges.

– Call weight

It has been shown for years that eating a mixed lemon juice with lukewarm water and honey helps to reduce body weight.

Inspections in rats confirmed that lemon skin polyphenols are closing and blocking body weight and collecting fat. This happens by encouraging the young to burn cars.

– Fighting with grief, worry and worry

Athletes use acid to remove fatigue and thirst. It detects that there is more water than water. Some people feel tired and unable to focus.

Recent research has shown that lemon has a pneumonia, and can therefore sweep the tiredness, tiredness, stamina, anxiety, depression and disorder, and gesture. encouraging sleep.

– Destroy acne and improve skin

Lemon includes acid citric, an active ingredient in treating acne. Vitamin C, found in citrus, is essential for healthy skin insulation, while it has an alkaline nature killing some bacteria that cause acne.

The juice is also used on the skin, particularly in areas where skin is chopped, such as the foot of the feet and the hands in their hands.

A lemon is also an old-age medicine that could remove whelks and black hooks in the skin.

– Eczema survey

Some people who suffer from skin diseases such as eczema use lemon shells for healing, and some use lemon oil with soft water and honey to this extent.

– Treatment of ponds

Medical examinations confirm that lemon is a acidic disease and can treat rheumatism and arthritis.

– Feelings like muscles

One of the features of a lemon is that it is antiseptic and useful for relaxation. Some add water to the warm water before breaking the legs as they mix for comfort and rest on the muscles.

– Treatment of cholera and malaria

Some doctors recommend that a lemon juice can be used to treat diseases such as cholera and malaria as it works to clean the blood.

– Removing HIV

Many medical surveys in Australia have shown years before someone could kill HIV, thus protecting people from disease and preventing the spread of disease.

Hair Care

Studies have shown that juice is a useful factor in handling large-scale hair, "when used on the skin, it can treat problems such as dandruff and hair loss, and other problems associated with hair is skin skin. " Lemon, which is used directly, can give natural eyes to hair.

– Slabs

The region includes a larger share of citrus distances from the orange or grapefruit. This was confirmed in audit by Dr Stephen Nakada, president of the American Urology Board. Another study has added that the high rate of citric charm in fruit helps to grow above two times more reed, without a complete change of water. On this, a lemon juice can be used to prevent renal stones happening, by creating urinary jackets, that prevent crystal formation.

– Dealing with skin defects

Latest medical examinations confirm that a juice of juice helps to cure problems associated with dyspepsia and friction.

By eating one green juice with lukewarm water after each bite, that would give the acidity of lemon, the acid content of stomach, and stimulate the muscles.

– The spread of fever, cold and flu

Lemon is important for removing fever, which is done by eating a hue of honey and lukewarm water every two hours, to the temperature of the person. Lemon seems to be wiping your fever by increasing your propensity or exhaustion. Lemon seems to give the protective cells the essentials C. Vitamins C can protect the immune system, so don't stop the virus at a sore or sore throat.

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