Bitter statement on Barbie's robbery: I wanted to kill myself!


Her first-born Barbie Gabriel Jiráčková (18) once had more difficult problems to solve all the equipment or the tools.

The girl who wants to be closer to the artist's artistic statement of a famous doll has suffered for her dreams in the past. As it is the writing, Gradually the shoes of classics grow in hard and exciting bullying. The rosars would destroy things or not; drag diamond on the cabinet. One of them had to throw hair.

Krehká Gabriel fled to the worst ideas. "It was a very crucial format of mental and physical bullying, which had grown everyday and was not out of the way. I was so confident that I wanted to finish my fight at the age of 9 and reach for life, " Bohemian Barbie is worried, who is lucky enough to complete her sad plans.

"It just prevented me from being worried about the parents and then the chance Education I have graduated from the last two years. Thanks to God, I can make a rough line and it is a stronger and more advanced person who does not decide anything, " she told Blonde. In the future, Gabriel would like to organize a rup, which would go to children with the difficulties he had; alone.

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