Black Armory at Destiny 2 is a half-week experience because you can not play it [Update]


[Update] A few hours after posting, to Bungie beliefs, The developer said they would reduce power levels of enemies in the first Prophet; come. Now all enemies are 5 lower levels as fast fixes, and even more changes will come in the coming days. That said, just like it is now, it's still very hard. It's just a bit more unstable in the first week. It is likely that you still need to damage the levels of power and then get into Fireteam with friends or make a prayer to the traveler you are not adding to players at low level by surrender . As before, if you are less than 600, this content is still essential.

That said that it was a very quick response from Bungie and that's good to see. I hope that the changes that come in will allow players to complete their & # 39; first big question.

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First year of Scone 2It was a problem after being launched later. Osiris Mention and Good undoubtedly many were falling, but opposed disappointment. They took 4-5 hours storytimes to address some of the fascinating concepts in the world Scone long as it is & # 39; Contributing to new exotics, weapons, weapons, vacancies, strikes and rock maps. However, the stories were sad and, crucially, the final game of those DLCs was not what fans from the series had come to love. After spending some time for the high level, players did not have many of the reasons to come back to their game.

Ever since Unlocking launched, the mood has been completely different with its general community happy with what it is. going on Scone 2 Right now. A content strategy has been carefully designed which means players always have to log in each week. The way into the captain was power, 600, a long knowledge, familiar with a distance that was still surprising. From the excellence of Last Wish Raid, to the three clan chiefs of the person who raided his / her; raid, the content was spread to come. Drawing like the Thunderlord, Wish-Ender and Malfeasance quests, Halloween event, sweet armor and more. means that this is the first time in the licensing history, the time between two major innovations has been exhausted all the time.

And here we are now. Unlocking It is almost three months old, and the game has just released its first DLC Icon for Black Armory Uncertainly, the efforts were so far, Bungie has been (most of) a & # 39; killing year 2.

However, after the first day with the new content, there is a & # 39; community … sorcery.

Previously, there was a long time to consider the new DLC structure. Bungie was long since the new calendar was announced that this content would work very different this year. Instead of large deposits, the team would focus on smaller but more consistent experiences. That's the story and earlier storytelling; , and instead they would focus on its & # 39; game-end. But, coming into Black Armory, nobody knew exactly what to do; expectations or what content we would get.

Well, in terms of the front face position, The Black Army not one. When you complete a & # 39; a game with the content, you will be asked to visit the Spider that you will introduce to attack a new range in the Tower, previously hidden weapons. Whenever you are there, you will be welcomed by a curtain and a four-part advantage that you should enter between one and two hours. Once you're & # 39; Ending that, you are directed to the purpose of managing one of the arms.

All sounds are fine? Unfortunately no. The content is here at a 610 power level that is recommended, but it is the first to be displayed; start with enemies at 615 who reach the last 630. The problem is that; in players to start a DLC at 600, so you need to go to # 39; Break out for the week weeks to access the new content. In particular, after a short summary, players will be asked to go back and the material they have been eroding since then UnlockingBegin.

Honestly, it's interesting to have a reason to repeat a weekly quiz and to erode powerful energies. Scone The best experience when the numbers get up. The problem is here, when a new DLC is launched, there is a valuable amount that you can do as well as standing in a new room. It does not ask for small activity players who have a & # 39; go back just to the previous power roof to be & # 39; Feel good when they're happy to see what's new.

However, there is another problem in playing here. Even if you do for your weekly reintroduction, which takes many hours, it is unlikely that you will be able to compete in the new, beautiful content. Most of the lucky players have got ten energy levels in one week, and even then, Bringing down a headteacher who is twenty levels higher than you are an important job. Although some are filled to & # 39; cattle at around 601, a good team competition needs to be properly implemented. For most, this content will not be compatible with the first week of play, not how it should be done; The first week of new content distribution is to feel. At present, for most, this new content is not relevant to them.

Skone Month 2

Also, as a detection, Bungie meant when they said that this new content was a involves expanding game-end experience. If you are considering this and you are not on your way to 600 levels of power, there is nothing to do with you; You could talk to this new DLC. Interestingly (as you can see in the graphic above) if you decide to pass Black Armory for the moment, the power level increase is still relevant to you. You can spoil your weekends just like everyone else trying to & # 39; Achieving their first stone If there is nothing else, Bungie's promise is to support Destiny 2 a & # 39; Extend those who have not subscribed to the annual license that has never been made. That's really good, and the divisions between the DLC and that the experts have never been feeling.

Now, indeed, this is a short-term problem. In a week or so, players are tall enough and similar to the last few months, Bungie aims to spread content over time. We are trying to get new cuts regularly and there is a new Contract (or Load, no one knows what to expect) next week. When everything has been said and done, Black Armory could look remarkably backwards, with a constant offense to allow players to go to; from week to week. We were told that these were lesser experiences aimed at helping us. It's not a widget but a & # 39; part of the new content season. However, for those who are trying to & # 39; Going into some new activities, you may be going to & # 39; disappointment with his first knowledge. Hyping players upgrade a new DLC release and then want them to go back and grind the old content they have been on. play for months so they can even go to & # 39; Talk to the new content, there is a choice to hit. In some instances of integrity, the new character introduced to the DLC, Ada-1, indicates that defenders will be able to; Look at the weapons in the armor with the eyes, not the hands. It is difficult that the original knowledge is not a bit close.

Here's hope with the Drifter season's beginning in March, we're thinking of Black Armory to look forward to the # our first idea.

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