Black Armory's expansion at Destiny 2 is a decline on players & # 39; hobby first


Until today, information about the next extension of Destiny 2 was held in secret. In addition to the basic record that describes new activities called & # 39; The Lost Forges, a list of ordinary shops of new and exotic questions, and a sculpture of a robot, there was little information about the DLC. What's really strange when you think it's coming out on December 4 – ie the next month – and it's even when you think that Activision has been recently displaying disappointment "Failure against our expectations" of Forsaken, the big expansion that was released in September.

It is a good reason for the quiet that Armory Black is not going to be structured as another small extension of Destiny 2 – the Curse without Osiris and the House is much better, and has both a series of enterprise missions with cutscenes. Back in June, Bungie published for the second year of Destiny 2 life, as well as the free seasonal updates to all players, such as fine arms reform, new content would be delivered through annual passport that costs $ 34.99 (£ 29.99), and a & # 39; Includes three extensions that can not be purchased separately.

These three extensions – Black Armory, Joker's Wild and Penumbra – show a story of a traditional story, and the content will be paid over a month or two, instead of being released on the day only. It will totally burn players that have been burned with a & # 39; a game in the past (so: most players) enough reasons for stopping before throwing money on it; an annual permit. Today, Bungie has built the screen on Black Armory, which gives us a view of what is stored through one of the developer's widgets, which can be located above.

We now know that the robot's dealer is an exo called ADA-1, and it's a gungun in Black Armory. Over the course of a boggy season, which's a # 39; Starting today, annual passengers are responsible for supervising Gold Age weapons that have been created by three different families of Viking linear, Japanese and French troops (see You have two or two examples of their work among the new historic weapons in the gallery below). The search will take you to four Lost Forges, each of which is a new activity that reminds others who will left on Destine 2 to harness harbors, Distribution Protocol and Blind Well, with the great difference that Lost Forges's three players make games-so do not hang out as a silent man at a wedding.

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Black Armory will incorporate 5 historic weapons

Izanagi's Burden is a cute dolphin that allows you to abandon your ammunition magazine for a & # 39; burn one pull. Click here for fullscreen

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Black Armory will incorporate 5 historic weapons

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Black Armory will incorporate 5 historic weapons

Anarchy is a coherent grenade beginner that can be & # 39; creating electronic lumps. Click here for fullscreen

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Black Armory will incorporate 5 historic weapons

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Black Armory will incorporate 5 historic weapons

Le Monarque is a free launch that gives detailed awards with damage over time and AoE's poisoning effect. Click here for fullscreen

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Black Armory will incorporate 5 historic weapons

Bungie has also released a new roadway, and will expose what is to come over the next year, Free downloads for all players. You will find that below.

Is that in the handbag of your pocket, or …

The Lost Clachanes will be held in new areas of destinations already, and they will also be installed, and, This means they can be solved over the course (see the road). Can & # 39; sounds like a fun-hairdresser, but with the pace with which the most enthusiastic Players play through content, this is a way of doing something that is aimed at doing something. avoid drying between major solvents from the beginning.

The Black Armory also builds its & # 39; volume power to 650 and adds a new historical search line for a return machine, similar to Thunderlord's hunting lately, but we hope many more will be involved. Geology begins on January 29th and the Last Word is a horrible dog with a firearm played by the PvP player; trying to come back. Bungie has definitely been better at the solution service over the last two extensions, but we hope there is also no wonder in the Black Armory.

"Hello, yes, I got this in a cocktail bar and an application to the magic gun factory."

For a truly-honored public, Black Armory has a a new attack on 7 December. Bungie is on the mobile & Lair & # 39; let down when it describes the next attack; It's more than spire of Stars but Less than Last Wish. In addition, we know that it will be located in the ruins of the last major city of the Earth, and that there are car sections with a # 39; use your bicycle spirit. For detailed details of the device in Black Armory, it is still visible. I know that no new strikes will appear, which is a bit of fuming due to the need for one of the new weapons to be able to; grind that player.

New ways to play

Daibhidh "Deej" Dague

Yesterday, I spoke to the long-term communications director at Bungie, David "Deej" Dague in trying to find out how Black Armory is different from expansion. I started by asking about the different struggle between creating an extension of full secret content, and trying to persuade people to take part in cash for their annual permit. I started by asking whether he could even write exactly what the extension of a piece of paper and give me.

"No, we can not-and I think we are right with their annual permit as giving a promise over time," said Deej. Season of the Forge is a chance for players to come back to the Tower and there are things to enjoy every player. How players start to & # 39; appearing with these new weapons and this new gear, continuing to a question; left Question, & # 39; hey, that's awesome, where did you get it? ", new players on ADA-1 will have access to the Black Army and go on to these steps to find out what lost devices."

We are well with our annual permit as giving promise over time.


I asked Deej about Activision's disappointment regarding Forsaken's performance in the recent revenue call, and how expansion like Black Armory would be able to bring new players into , because it seems that it is designed to appeal to those who are already: "I'm not a business analyst and I'm not sure what other statements are there," he said. "We are constantly trying to make a fun game that captures people's motivation and sustaining people by taking them -mach imagination and earn new prizes and enjoy themselves and if they love their game to erode to the lives of others and inviting their friends to play With that, that's all a welcome welcome. "

We also talked about the change in the structure, and it represents the amount of raw value in terms of a new game and things to play. Here, Deej says Black Armory offers a better deal, largely due to the redistribution of its activities. "I think it's going to be a great deal of service with regards to maintaining the end of the name of Destine than the other generic enterprise that lasts a number hours and includes, educate and dispose of a community that wants more fun than a week. "

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I agree with the idea that Destiny 2 now does not need but another group of storytelling missions, although I'm worried that the Lost Clachans become scaffolded if their mechanics are not very good more interesting than the Good Eye. At least its & # 39; Each coach's own torch group, and the lack of one of the biggest problems with Tobar.

Generally, I support Black Armory's expectations. Almost no, as it is our review, to & # 39; Most of the Destiny 2 sins. He is now a harder knowledge, giving many reasons to sign in over the months he has taken for his / her. Burgessown to tell his mystery. Also, by campaigning enterprise campaigns, Bung can now be aiming to create more of the exciting activities, which can be repeated again such as the Whisper of the Worm mission and the Shattered Throneon-Slaughter In short, my aim is to make Black Armory a & # 39; Reducing down those players who go around in the bad times.

At the end of my conversation with Deej, I put some of the most detailed items with a series of quick fire questions. This is how he dealt with them:

PCG: Are machine guns going to do? Ammo Reserve and Scavenger team attack?

Deej: There is.

PCG: Will you add more Legendary Year One gear and armor for a & # 39; Bring out the cooked pot?

Deej: What must be done.

PCG: Are we going to & # 39; Get some Hunter congestion that looks as well as those that the Speaker would have; used for sale?

Deej: That's located!

PCG: Based on the catching screens, Titanan does not have more shoulder vehicles now how big is the air cars back?

Deej: I do not know.

It's likely that the Lost Lost new activities are going to be & # 39; throw out the ballets that surround them.

PCG: Who is [notorious Destiny leaker on Reddit] & # 39;anonthenine&, And what trouble did he give you personally?

Deej: I am personally?

PCG: Yeah, you're a black bug.

Deej: I'm a German Shepard who is very fond of me and when I go home at the end of the day, that's really what I'm seeing, and so it was not hard for me personally. I was a Bungie fan before I started in Bungie, so I understand what that is … But I always tell people in the community: "We will tell you what we are going to achieve when the time comes, I'm happy for the discussions between this and then. "

I've been getting out to friends in my community in a & # 39; community often and tell them they do not need to lose their time by going to # 39; Farm farm behavior, not the Morse code that continues to ARG-but in relation to Reddit theories and wild estimation, all of these are part of the culture of the internet, and those who are experiencing live and breathe their share to & # 39; Play videogame, so I'm not as interesting as you can think.

PCG: Why do I use a Burden Sniper rifle on Izanagi over Whisper of the Worm?

Deej: Because you excavate it. It may be an unofficial player; in you, like me. You may want to sound it! I have a Dead Orbit Gun, not the best thing, but I'm skipping off; piper against the back of the plague of the shell … It's awakening something inside me.

The Army is opening

I tell him that I also feel about Giper rifle a & # 39; sniper. As a bad attack with more than 1,500 times in Destiny 2, I'm really happy to jump into Black Armory. It's a very difficult square that looks like a more rigorous focus at Bungie and all revenge around Black Armory as long as Activision's desire is "replacing the main" (bleurgh). But honestly, that is a problem with a census. For me, Destiny's biggest problem was that Bungie did not produce enough content for players during the interim months. Black Armory and its sibling distributions are fully suited to address its & # 39; that question. We can see exactly how the answer is similar to the next week.

The new army will look unlawful, and look at the new exotic fusion refinery that the middle Guardian has to do; kept.

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