Black Caps v India: NZ Cricket agrees that Daryl Mitchell's wrong decision was made


The New Zealand Cricket has shown that a referee gets a controversial Daryl Mitchell decision that was wrong last week.

All-rounder Black Caps were given in the second Twenty20 against the Indies in Auckland and reviewed their decision because he considered the ball was introduced .

It was apparent that the tight spot was clear but the third Shaun Haig football was satisfied that there was no edge and told the agent outside Chris Brown to continue to & # 39; his decision, greatly for the awesome Mitchell.

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Speaking on Radio Radio on Tuesday morning, the game manager of Sheldon Eden-Whaitiri, the New Zealand officials game, said Haig New Zealand was wrong and the decision on the field should be translated .

"On reflection, on review … we believe it made a mistake there," said Eden-Whaitiri.

"There was a prospectus, it should go with that … but the first one put the hand on the event and saying he got … he made a mistake , he got the same wrong, he made a mistake.

"And now he's up to Shaun in the backdrop to make it better and learn lessons from that mistake. We have done our job and responsible for that."

Black Cap Daryl Mitchell can not believe that he was awarded at the second T20 with India in Auckland.


Black Cap Daryl Mitchell can not believe that he was awarded at the second T20 with India in Auckland.

Eden-Whaitiri told Radio Sport that Haig thought that the signal on the bat was inside the batteries; button pressing.

"Indeed, when I looked back, reflection, that was wrong – it was clear inside the edge … I would not say clear, clear on review, at and we have to remember Shaun … that center has 38,000 people, the only one who is responsible for doing that decision.

"So it's easy to sit back to all the extra stress and say that Mitchell met him. Shaun liked at night that was not enough.

"That's good at night – on review, we can look back … that is what we are interested in the level of game officers and how we are going to be better in those decisions. "

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