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The demand for business loans, shops, repayment … of individuals and small businesses to increase the anniversary of the year, causes "black credit" with high levels of interest " which is always "hot again. …

Share with a & # 39; Survey Market Magazine newspaper in Tu Son – Bac Ninh, NMHong said that the craft cities such as wood, paper, cloth, copper … around this area are huge, so capital need. there is no smaller appearance.

This is a black credit contract that there is "land". In particular, there is a busy trading season at the end of the year and this event runs on a number of football competitions, thus the problem of gambling, bargaining is becoming more and more black credit. at risk of & # 39; play, High tax pay for your money.

"About 7,000 dong for a million dollars a day. It's a small idea, but it's up to 35,000 for a 5 million VND loan per day, or 350,000 for a 50 million VND loan every day … , the level of interest is up to 20% / month – not money but still flows for a loan, "said NMHong.

Speaking to reporters, regional director of a commercial bank, told the story of a black belief; happening all year, but the strongest end of the year when there are no freight and emergency goods. double, 5 times, even 10 hours normal. At the same time, some of the banks, even with small commercial loans, still do not meet demand.

At a meeting of the National Assembly, Huyen Ngoc (Ninh Thuan) argues that there are black credit activities from the north to the south, from the middle of the Highlands to the Delta Mekong, where he has to make leaflets to & # 39; loan advertising. a mortgage interest at 2-30%.

Even 40% of the month is to register a business penalty service, financial support, capital renewal and daily interest, not all loans are more than 50 million, a reasonable legal level agreement. on paper or to make large sums of money with money, but it is written on her; paper to rent their own property, such as houses, cars … to deal with the law.

Ngo Ngoc Hieu (Hanoi) representative also said that staff of black credit institutions have enough ways to deal with staff and students, especially those with unexpected problems, such as sick children. , need money for children to learn, the day to pay rent …

Accompanying loans. despite high levels of interest, most of which are around 200% per annum, levels of interest for mothers and children, and staff who are excited by poor debt, stop staff. , move to another place, or do not want to work due to debt collection …

"Many people are frightened, knocked, arrested, breaking families due to black beliefs. Their own black and white credit facilities have an impact on market share, so a lot of pits have gone out. It is also a land that is a black credit that supports those with previous record records, now keeping it off; get involved in crime, "he said.

Mr To Lam, the Minister for Public Security, said that there were 7,624 cases involving black credit, and # 39; including 56 murders, 389 one-off injuries, in the period 2015-2018, 629 property clearances, 836 property clearances, 1,809 fraud cases, 3,581 cases of trust, 165 property damage cases. So far, the police force is struggling with 124 teams, 831 organized actors in the finance sector and debt collection.

Ngo Duy Hieu's representative said that credit institutions run by a state should actively and actively work with staff and students with favorable and quick loan procedures, staff and helpful students. when it is necessary to get into cash, interest-related finances that are appropriate according to their own circumstances.

In response, Minister To Lam stated that the agencies, departments, coordinating branches, promote propaganda to raise awareness of the law, especially the rules on business, loan, to use the use of a safe capital, as well procedures and criminal activities related to black credit, financial loans, lending debt and the Government and the National Assembly for inspection and recommendation. Developing the legal system …

According to TS. Nguyen Tri Hieu, economist with "hot" loans, will grow in a shared economy. It gives a loan on the internet at any time, anywhere, a & # 39; Link those who have money for those who need money quickly.

Usually, lend P2P – a new service in a shared economy that meets this market demand.

"The problem is that the state will manage the service, not the ban. Therefore, it is important to continue to develop a legal lending framework, as well as the seat of the courts when they deal with a breach, "said Hieu.

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