Black Friday "Blackjack" to hunt, a & # 39; killing the roofs "for the companies


Find out who I'm familiar with, one hundred hundred years of age, to have a successful hunting season, you should refer to the following series of resources.

"Examine" in detail by G

If you've been selling for sale, you will recognize that it's not so difficult to go to; fight. To win, we need to be well prepared. The first thing you do to understand the foundations of the opponent – in & # 39; In this case, the place where the program will be mitigated. Where are the "biggest" sales programs, how many days will they start, how long the exhibition lasts, what the motives are? there … Here are the things you need to get a response as soon as you can; as possible.

Black Friday

If you're still blind, Black Friday will come this year on 23/11, but most of the sale will not be circulated this day but it will last 2 days later. Check your calendar now and always!

"Disease disease" priority flag

In the middle of the Black Friday battlefield, we are very vulnerable to "missing cascades", every shop trying to enter, which each brand wants to look at . However, you will choose your favorite brand. These are the brands that you bought a lot of things before you come, which suits you, so that the successful level of these sites is considerably higher than other strange places.

Black Friday to Hunt Huntingrs

Instead of looking at individual sources, a mix of favorite brands in one place, and # 39; saving both time and money. The most important candidates are the main shopping centers and Vincom Center is one of the most prestigious fashion houses. Here are some hot names: Charles & Keith, Pull & Bear, Zara, H & M, Mango, Giordano, Pedro, Aldo, Vascara … MAC, Bobbi Brown, Yves Rocher, The Faceshop, Innisfree … Make sure you check different dozens of shops.

List of what you buy

Black Friday to Hunt Huntingrs

Amongst the number of brands with all kinds of materials, we are easy to "a" to solve the ghost "; Managing food that is not satisfied. In order to avoid this, the experience that visitors are to propose to be; List the items you need to buy. Perhaps this is what your print is missing, it's probably what you've chosen for a long time but not yet … usually giving priority to what you see why use it clearly. In such a situation, you will avoid the "acid" setting and the purchase of the finished items will be thrown, both cost and waste to & # 39; struggling over time.

Do not buy me but healthy

In addition to its obvious use, what you buy should be appropriate to your body. For example, you lose a pair of jeans, think out what kind of pants, tube or tube, tube or tube … to avoid; Avoid buying items but the home of clothing "

Black Friday to Hunt Huntingrs

Also, keep in mind that there is good and cheap value if it is not suitable for you. Try to buy M size clothing when you spend S size because you have to have more of the # 39; Cost work you're beautiful or not. So, if there's something wrong, walk away because you do not have a & # 39; spend for longer, slower you will get the best thing for yourself.

Come early from the first day

Even though you are already at the heart of your upper knowledge, the hunting fairs tend to be successful without the speed factor. For the best facility, be in the first day of Black Friday (23/11) to be the first one to go to; Produce the product with their favorite products. The most beautiful things are usually in addition to the sizes that they like to enjoy; Starting out first, and the quickest you reach, there will be more opportunities for you to become owners of these hot things.

Vincom Black Friday is the largest retail festival of the year, with a 50% reduction of over 2,300 international brand brands. (Yves Rochers, Clinique, Sulwhasoo, Shiseido, etc.) An Faceshop, Innisfree …).

On the morning of November 23th, the first 150 shoppers will be at the Vincom Center opening window at the Ba Trieu Center and the Vincom Dong Khoi venue will host the " enjoying tea and cakes full of cakes, lively music and dance shows. Getting the chance to & # 39; draw a lucky sum of 5,000,000VND money to buy on Black Friday.

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