Black Friday continues its cultural, economic importance


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If November and December are a Super Bowl for sale, Black Friday is the half-time show.

Although it has been so important to move online shops, the Black Friday remains a key objective for traditional retailers who are in the best interests of the world. Looking to block the year in the black, experts say.

The National Shop Federation aims to be 164 million Americans who will have a weekend Thanksgiving weekend and 116 million will have a shop on Black Friday.

"Consumers buy five days directly (Thanks Thanks to Cyber ​​Monday) … to get everything they need. Black Friday is still a sale Number 1 within those five days, "said Ana Smith, spokesman for the National Retail Alliance.

The NRF expects sales in November and total December to be between $ 717.5 billion and $ 720.9 billion – a 4.3 to 4.8 percent jump by 2017.

The most "day" of the season is today the weekend before Christmas, but Black Friday is closed second, Smith said.

Not what she was

There are some truths that the idea that Black Friday is not a custom, she said, but it is still important for traditional retailers.

"It's just changed over the years. It's made it completely different from technology and its customers," she said. "They are worried about what is most suited to them. They want to shop when they are easy, which means selling online or going online when they are want. "

As a result, traditional retailers change and change their business strategies to make more alignment to online retailers, she said.

It is anticipated that individual users will cost this $ 1,007.24 average vacation season – up 4.1 per cent from $ 967.13, said they would cost last year, according to the NRF survey.

"Reliance is near a long-term higher, unemployment is the lowest we've seen in decades and home remuneration is up. Everything has been shown in customer purchasing plans , "said Matthew Shay, head of NRF and Chief Executive.

He attempts to & # 39; Preserving the number of shopping activities on Friday. VAT Properties, owner of Westmoreland Mall and Monroeville Mall have one reason, for the third year after that of a Day of Thanksgiving, said spokesman Stacey Keating.

The Chattanooga company, Tenn. wanted to "avoid" Christmas "and enjoy Black Friday, she said.

Foods are still enjoying a & # 39; Getting up early on Black Friday and going to shops with family friends or members, Keating said, saying people are often strategically about the sources they are going to do; to visit.

"Our culture is very basic," she said. "I think it's still a very important day of shops, despite things to be available earlier and earlier. It's still one of the highest sales days . "

Expected good season

Keating said that VAT Properties would be optimistic about the travel of Christmas shops 2018.

"Monroeville and Westmoreland both see sales fairs during the year that are flat or growing," she said. "Sales of shops has been moving up in 2018. … Shop appraisal has also been up this holiday season. Everything we & # 39 ; look because signs show plenty of holiday holidays. "

Despite a decision by some to # 39; closing on Thanksgiving, that is the day for some of the best things due to "early birds," said Britt Beemer, who was the founder and chairman of an American Research Group.

"The user will watch on Thursday afternoon as part of Black Friday. The user is one thing," he said, Note that his / her population was not Take part in long Thanksgiving shops.

A company based at Summerville, S.C., has found 30 day holiday sales trails but did not issue this year's report. Despite this, Beemer said that the sale of traditional sales would be 4 to 6 per cent since 2017, and online sales will be up to 12 to 18 per cent.

"The online ones will do better," he said. "My worry in malls will go to sink. I would not want to be a slow retailer in this season."

Although online shopping centers are faster than the brick-and-mortar retailers, it is still only about 25 per cent of retail sales, Beemer said.

Out of those who are planning for a shop during the five-day Thanksgiving weekend, 21 per cent (34 million) have a & # 39; Planning for buying on Thanksgiving Day and 71% (116 million) to & # 39; Planning for a shop on Black Friday, according to the latest NRF survey.

It is expected that forty people will be out of a percentage (67 million) Buying Small Businesses on Saturday, and 20% (32 million) are expected to buy Sunday, the survey said. The restaurant weekend runs to Cyber ​​Monday, with 46% (75 million) expected online bargains.

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