Black Friday discounts will export an export in Latin America


Despite their local e-commerce initiatives, Black Friday, traditional and leading in the United States, has expanded across America, and, One of the most important diminution days in Latin America. The 2018 edition, which starts on Friday, November 23, will reflect the important sales output of the sector with a rise of 105% to 225% in the increase in national income compared to normal Friday.

Black Friday discounts export export in Latin America – EFE

The most significant event of the year is attractive to 50% Colombian people who intend to buy during the day, according to information published by The same study also revealed that Colombians cost 556,000 Colombian pesos (about 185 dollars) on average, and Most with payments on credit cards.

The equatorial market for its part is one of the most active people for the Black Friday weekend, with an 85% stakeholder at the same time as Black Friday Global and the Eureknow consultation. The same sources also indicate that there is a budget of over 1000 dollars of 10% of Equatorial purchases, and the remaining 90% will spend between 100 and 700 dollars, with the option to buy in platforms.

Peruvian consumers, who are opposed to their neighbors, are slightly harder in terms of quality, so the price is just one of the changes. Despite this, it is estimated that at least 53% of Peruvians will be able to; participating in the Black Friday 2018, just 1% above the users of the Sikh who, according to Picodi, participate in 53%. Peruvians' average cost is about 714 light (about 210 dollars), and Silen's payment is between 155,000 and 197,000 Silein pesos (about 230 and 300 dollars).

Compared to this, middle and Argentine users do not even reach 50%. The Picodi survey shows that 28% of the Argentine Act will have a " participating in the Black Friday 2018, while the psychic participation of 41%. It should be noted for the last weekend, between 16 and 19 November, Mexico celebrated the local black Friday version. The e-commerce campaign named "The Good End" aims to make the eighteenth-editable adjustments about 97 million pesos (about 5 million dollars).

While four days before the closure of "El Buen Fin", there is expenditure between 4237 and 5545 pesos (about 200 and 270 dollars) for this Black Friday. While it's right on the & # 39; In the mainland, Argentines spend between 6437 and 6770 pesos (about 170 and 190 dollars), and continue with the move that is going on; maintains an export in Argentina and does not affect the decline in spending. It has crossed the country since the beginning of the year.

The Picodi data also shows that the purchasing intent is to be largely promoted and unsuitable for 68% of the Slabs, 60.5% of Argentinians, 58% of Colombians and 51% of Peruvians; Mexican consumer users, which are 54% earlier; explore what they buy.

According to statistics, consumers in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Ecuador agree on the options by sharing and setting the fashion, electronic and chemistry sectors as the largest ones, 39; You can get during "Black Friday" reserves. Also, the most common machines are for smartphones for online shopping in the department, and then with desktop computers, laptops and the latest, with fewer boards.

The Black Friday, which is happening the day after Thanksgiving, Open the Christmas sales campaign symbolically and represent the opportunity to make major savings that could exist from anywhere in the world, and electronically deliver. However, it should be said that the average debt in the mainland for this type of events is a including 60% of the monthly salary of the merchants, as reported by the local credit card licenses.

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