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This Friday, November 23 is marked United States and other parts of the world are so good; Sunday & # 39; a date in which different businesses will; Provide virtual transfers to the services and / or their products.

Peru is not much the same as this and many local businesses have come to this date.

Which companies have been coming together with the & # 39; Black Friday & # 39 ;?

– Real Plaza Salaverry: This center's users can get a preview of Black Friday from Prizes 22 to 8 at night.

"In the Real Plaza Salaverry we will have special discounts that can be used from 8pm on Thursday, 22 November after our Christmas broadcast its lights and amazing stance inspired by the work of Cascanueces," said Sebastian Montero, Director of Commercial and Marketing Real Plaza.

The offers that include the different types available in Real Plaza shopping centers, which at this time will expand to 11 at night.

– SBS Book Store: Black Friday starts on Friday 23rd with offers in all SBS books stores across the country.

The children of the house benefit from their most since Christmas Black because they can enjoy different readings with the 2 × 1 in SBS children's books.

There are major advances in literary books in English, box sets and shown by a 40% discount. In Spanish literature, major publishers such as Planeta, Penguin Random House, Uranus, Pan-American and Ocean have a 30% reduction in addition to the university and SBS asset professional books.

They also have special discounts for toys and collecting materials.

– – Falabella Saga: The sales series comes together to identify & # 39; Black Friday & from this Thursday.

– – H & M: The chain is marked & # 39; Black Friday & a great shift throughout this week. Up to 50% dct. in labels.
The switches will be inserted in the following locations:

Lima: Jockey Plaza, Mall del Sur, Megaplaza, Plaza Norte, Real Plaza Primavera.
Arequipa: Real Plaza Arequipa, Mall Adventure Porongoche
Piura: Real Plaza Piura
Trujillo: Real Plaza Trujillo
Cajamarca: El Quinde Mall of Cajamarca
Huancayo: Real Plaza Huancayo

– Wong: The series offers special offers through its website.

– Bruno Ferrini: The shoe store series also joins a Black Friday with special offers.

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