Black Friday may be selling a sales department


Moody's Thursday said Friday Black's adverse impact on the European sales department is often going to a weekend jobbuilder that is going to be going to go on. sold by lower enterprises for traders.

"Black Friday in many cases continues to anticipate Christmas shops, often with a lower low, so it's negative for the European sales sector as a whole and very positive for businesses half, "he said. the vice president and the electorate's credit union chief executive, in a note published today.

According to David Beadle, the worst retailers who have chosen to join Black Friday in Portuguese, where retailers from different businesses will indicate percentages of discounts – that will do "by An interesting strategy, including purchases made specifically to protect the edges. "

Others have "decided that their biggest profit and the value of their messages are better protected by keeping up," Mooody notes, saying, "At the moment, we are & # 39; I believe this event will be distributed regularly to electronic / electronic equipment and eventually users will appreciate that magazines are very unusual. "

Also today, Moody has published a report on the vision for the European sales department, which says it is part of a "problem" due to issues related to the regulation and change of consumer practices , along with the uncertainties associated with Brexit in the case of British retailers.

According to David Beadle, "Marketers who have already been established in the market are larger, especially in the clothing department, who are experiencing more changing problems when users Online online for convenience and value. "

"Some retailers are still so successful in changing consumer practices. The companies are winning strategies that successfully respond to the client's desire to Increasing value and value, "he maintains, saying" textile dealers are particularly open to this truth, as well as quality and fashion requirements. "

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