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Black Friday: they would not sing Patagonia to buy their stores

The call was repaired regalona clothing, regardless of what the logo made through a wool fabric maintenance program in stores; a brand in Santiago and Temuco, to give relief to the planet by reducing the clothes that did not need clothes. Tvn


This Friday, the Black Friday planned to be held throughout the country, a date many people expect to buy new items at discounted prices and take up their Christmas shops . However, this year many of them could do something different: help with their planet, and # 39; extending the life of your clothes.

Patagonia, invited fans to not buy the slogan, but to repair it. How come? The company organized its organization in its stores of Santiago in the Malls, Alto Las Condes, Portal La Dehesa and Mall Sport and one of Temuco, the maintenance program on clothing where the relatives could be outdoors to make their clothes completely free, regardless of the name of this one.

"We wanted to invite people and choose their clothes to be repaired instead of buying, especially on dates such as Black Friday, whereby they are encouraged, Our fabric is made to be stable, so we believe it is not essential that people buy more if they need it, but we wanted to have the opportunity to return them back and return home with their only dress, but a new one. The idea is that we are aware that we can extend the useful life of clothing and thus avoid a negative impact on its & # 39; planet, "said Tania Garimani, the Marketing Department of the company.

The campaign was part of the "Wear Wear" program created by Patagonia in 2013 and is active throughout the year at the Mall Sport shop, as a means of encouraging people to keep their clothes up and about what they can . of the possible time, through repair, to influence the impact of a & # 39; illegal waste on the environment. By preserving clothing for just nine months, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint, waste and water related to your text result by 20-30% , according to data from the WRAP group, just as we make smaller business.

In this way, days like Black Friday can help differentiate. The campaign was extended from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at the time of the restoration of workshops in Patagonia de Santiago de Mall Sport, Alto Las Condes and Portal La Dehesa and Temuco's shop so that those who who wanted to add to the planet, keep alive Live on your favorite clothes and become an agent of change.


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