"Black Friday"


If you are a shopkeeper, you will not be aware of Black Friday – the biggest day of operation, when all brands sell to "ground floor".

Black Friday will be held on the first Friday after a Thanksgiving Day every year. On this day, thousands of items throughout the United States will be mitigated simultaneously and people will grow to shop. It is considered that this is part of an American culture and has now spread to many other countries around the world.

No one expected on Black Friday - the branding day of each brand has a very dark corner - Picture 1.

And for those who do not know, the Black 2018 Friday will be held here on 23/11 here.

But let's get rid of the crisis trying to "shoot money," but try to think about today's name. Black Friday – or Friday dark. Why is the so-called "black" like that?

The shops festival all over the world awaits a hidden corner of the well-known ones

The Black Friday name was first used by the Philadelphia State Police in 1961. Because of the fact that thousands of people fled on the streets of shops after Thanksgiving, causing bad traffic. middle of town. But are that all? There was also great devastation that meant violence in many places that did not; can control them.

No one expected on Black Friday - the branding day of each brand has a very dark corner - Picture 2.

The police need to work hard to rule their traffic, as well as to restrict the quiet people into discounted retail venues. This disorder is a headache for the police, so it is easy to understand that they think it's a "dark" holiday; there.

And for those who are not familiar, there is still violence today

According to US statistics from 2010 to date, 10 people were killed and 111 were injured by fighting and fighting. fight this dark night. Even in many places, guns were fired for scratching for concessionary products.

For example, in 2012, two were killed outside a Florida supermarket who fought for a place to park. In 2016, three were killed in the venue in New Jersey, Nevada, and Tennessee, where a man died from a bad. In 2017, police had to close a shopping center in Missouri until five were injured with the violence.

However, the worst event in 2008 was when a crowd was full of population and died. A staff in a large stores series in New York was even suffering from a population of 2,000,000 breaking through the door and 11 other merchants were also injured due to the violence, including pregnant women .

It does not mean that this is a brilliant opportunity for the year to be & # 39; Buying goods at cheap prices, but it's the most important thing for yourself. So buy a cool and civilian to enjoy the great swings that enjoy these holidays.

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