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Kitchen days celebrate festivals, gifts and volunteers – #GivingTuesday.

November 21, 2018 at 9:37 PM Simona Fiabane, Foundation Pontis

Illegal gifts and gifts do not have to constrain constraint of perpetuity. "Tunnel Tuesday" wants to show us how to spread it well.

This year #GivingTuesday fall on November 27. You can remember it in different ways.

"Help a non-priority group or help a random friend or a person on the street. It is possible to give money, stuff items, time to" volunteer ", as well as professional counseling," and " explains Jana Desiatniková of Bhunait Pontis.

In Slovakia, we will celebrate the "gift of Tuesday" for the second time. It is a chance to reach non-profit groups of supporters and scientists to help them where they need to; go. Staffing companies can be involved and the good things they believe in; help.

In 2017, the Slovakans could enjoy getting from & # 39; Help for the first time and placed more than 83,000 euros, more than twelve thousand of them; clothes and other things to do, so many volunteer hours and good activities.

Custom clothing flag thanks to #GivingTuesday

The Ulita nonprofit group, which is especially for Kopčany young people on the Petržalka edge, on #GivingTuesday last year to get support for its own fabric banner. The young people with whom their organization is involved in creating it.

Their social project included everything from having a " designing a custom logo, making leaflets for clothing for advertising and sales itself.

The idea was to create an elaborate cloth in Ulite for the past, and #GivingTuesday was a great opportunity to realize this idea, ask for contributions for help and money. #GivingTuesday did not finish the entire process, on the other hand. Ulite started a half-year pilot project called KPČN, when attempting to do and sell clothes.

"We have been able to almost complete our total cost of making a test of our clients during the #GivingTuesday donations. This has been We are very helpful and we are very grateful to all contributors, "said Veronika Morhačová de Ulita.

Supporting classes for children from families experiencing social disadvantage

"Many children and young people who visit our community center come from families who can not pay rings, walks and other exam activities," a & # 39; cur Morhačová ris. But these are very important for the proper psychological and social development of young people, they help to do so, developing different social skills, healthy self-confidence and mental well-being. In the same way, informal learning is always kept there.

So children organize a conversation trip.

"We will include the essential costs for trips, such as accommodation, travel, food or ski packs, and ski loans or other materials," said Morhačová.

If you want to do a good job and go to #GivingTuesday, encourage a visit from Ulita. You can do that at the Dobrá site.

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