"Black Heights" Mod "Timeless and Space Trembling" launched "XEN" propaganda, 2019 public adventure 4Gamers


Today, November 19, USA, the twentieth anniversary of the first release of the "Half-Life" military scene, although we can not wait for official "Time Thumbling and Space 3" Valve not "Time Thumbling and Space 2": Trilogy, however, from the Mod Black Heights development team today, the latest chapter of the chapter "High Elevation: XEN" (MASA PAGE: XEN) It seems that it is not too late.

The film was created by Jim McVinnie, a black country developed by an independent Crowbar Collective team. The team was established in 2004 and spent eight years to improve Greenlight to "Black Mesa Inbound" to "Lambda." The basic chapter, now appears in the newer "XEN" chapter clearly and is expected to be sold in 2019.

"Black Heights" is an unofficial module of "Trembling Time and Space" that was released on the Steam platform and agreed with the "Bad". The Crowbar Collective development team is a group of designers who have great love for "Time and Space Trembling". The engine is completely reconstructed in time and space to erase. Later, to avoid the word "Black Highland: Source", there would be an error for its official work, so the word Source was deleted.

From the propaganda film, Gordon Freeman's principal director failed because of the "linear sequences" rocket, and came to an XEN stranger during the distribution and met Gonarch and other alien creatures. He needs to face XEN's mental health leader, Nihilanth.

"Black Heights" has been widely welcomed as an official untouched Mòd. Many of the foreign media believe that the focus of this review is far beyond Valve itself. After that, Crambar works slowly.

Steam's "Unofficial" Steam "Steam" has been renowned by Steam, released on exotic experience in May 2015, the NT $ 318 game price.

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