Black Panther & # 39; to vote as the first choice for Oscar's best movie balloon


The Oscar race for the Best Picture is harder than ever before, but one group of people to see Black Panther take a major prize. When it comes to the film Marvel Cinematic World, the people have support.

Thanks to your recent vote, we now know that movie performers want to see Black Panther Getting the best of this year's Academy Awards. according to News, Fandango added more than 3,000 people. 24% of the people who said they chose most of the most favorite names Black Panther as their highest choice.

According to the data, 19% are the lines for Bradley Cooper-directed music and Lady Gaga A Born Star, 18% want to see the Queen's biopic Bohemian Rhapsody winner, 14% for drama drama under civil rights Peter Farrelly Green Book, 8% for Spike Lee cop films in the 1970s BlacKkKlansman, 7% for the movie movie Alfonso Cuarón & Netflix Rome, 6% for the dynamite drama drama Oliva Colman / Rachel Weisz / Emma Stone Your favorite one, and 4% for the Dick Cheney movie by Adam Mackay ViceSouth Westerly

Fandango thinks that Black Panther They won their hole because they brought together listeners and created "cultural movement."

"He reminded them that entertainment could be meaningful and changing life and changing the world," said Fandango's commander Erik Davis.

The Oscar race is particularly exciting this year, as for the first time ever, all major guilds and other film industry gave the main prize at the Awards Event.

The Producer Guild was awarded Green Book, the Director's Guild prize was Rome, the Actor & Guild chose Black Panther, the Editors of the American Cinema were presented Bohemian Rhapsody for the best drama and Your favorite one for the best Comedy. The Writer himself laughed something up and gave the top two goals to Can you be on my best? and Eighth level, which was both snubbed for the Best Screen at the Oscars. In fact, the second was closed out of the Academy Prize names.

In addition to the Best Picture, Black Panther Also nominated for the best Best Score, the best original song, the best design for clothing, the best design, the best audio mix and the best audio preparation.

As well as winning the SAG Award for Excellence by a Chart in Photograph Transfer, Black Panther He also took home the Grammy Award for the best musical record for the visual media (Ludwig Göransson) and the Performance Best Rap for "Kings Dead" (Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future and James Blake). It also has its NCAAP Imitation Prize names this year, which comes out with 16 pounds. You can vote for Chadwick Boseman or Ryan Coogler for the Fèis of the Year here.

Which film would you like to win Best Picture? Tell us in the comments!

Black Panther currently streaming Netflix. The 91st Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24 at 8pm EST on ABC.


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