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2018-11-18 11:23à

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The 6th CITIC CupBlack Leopard FlagNational High SchoolBaseballThe contest will host an final final evening competition here, and # 39; Seeking a 3 Taoyuan school after him.Phingzhen High SchoolFor two years after each other, the Gu Baojia merchants fought for their casting code, which was the Taiwanese green king.

From its first session in 2013, Pingzhen High School has been in attendance; maintaining the highest 3 per annum. They have been missing for the project in the last four years. They lost only Gaoyuan's business and trade in 2015. The first Feng Wang defeated them in Taoyuan Workers. Last year, they won the Xingda Agro and Gubaojiashang competitions. At this time, they have already won three competitions. Today, they are expected to submit them into the 3rd certificate.

Although the Gubao family business returned to the third place at least once a year, it did only Taoyuan agricultural workers in 2014 and won the competition in another three years. Although they returned to last year's finals, they lost Pingzhen 3: 6 after 10 games. High School, this year and fought for sweet revenge.

This year's Black Panther banner has 197 teams, a small reduction of 3 compared to last year. The war was withdrawn from the 13 th month. After more than a month of slaughter, the two teams that won the competition were finally made.

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