BlackBerry Buys Cylance, Facebook Belts, Julian Assange Fees


BlackBerry is doing a & # 39; most of them.

The one-time celebrity phone maker who was known to be at the same time said; creating hard-handed devices that used to "crackberries" on Friday, it's a? $ 1.4 billion down money in order to buy Celance, a specialized and specialized cybersecurity company; find a threat to machine learning. With a future management agreement, expected before February, the purchase will be do more than more than half of the BlackBerry silverbone.

The construction reflects the multidisciplinary requirement of John BlackBerry's Chief Executive: changing from her; selling phones to software and enterprise services. Initially he set out the strategy shortly after being Head of 2013. (BlackBerry stopped doing his own phones two years ago, although he still permits his His flag).

Chen said in the statement that the promotion of Cylance would be "to add to our full range." In particular, he said that the business, run as an independent unit, would Strengthening "BlackBerry" integrated endpoint software, which helps businesses to manage tools and applications, and QNX, a operating system used within plants and power cars.

Le Cylance, BlackBerry is looking for more business intelligence security wear, and Gartner's market researcher is more than $ 114 billion this year. The BlackBerry puts up the amount he paid for Good Technology, Getting the most done in 2015, a & # 39; show that he is very committed to browsing the & # 39; This new business model, the best BlackBerry Spark, carries a platform as a secure device, a connection for all types of related devices.

If this is done, BlackBerry of Cylance will buy the latest in a series of recent cybersecurity savings, including Cisco and # 39; Duo's purchase for $ 2.4 billion and the private company of Thomas Bravo who overcomes Veracode for $ 950 million. (Words are simultaneously at the same time that Facebook, driven by propagandists, trolls, and privacy breaks, has also been moving around to build cybersecurity too important).

Even a Visit to & # 39; passing the "unicorn" club, a collection of private value at $ 1 billion or more, another company has gone up to go to. take place. Earlier this week, I broke the news that Netskope, a security of nonsense security, uncooked horns after winning a new $ 170 million funding collection. But these mythical animals run to the stable block faster than the stock can be achieved.

Market consolidation will continue. Businesses will spend more money on cybersecurity in the coming years, but it will going with fewer sellers.

BlackBerry is sure he hopes it will be one.

Make a good weekend.

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