BlackFirday: So Sygic has never been given a price!


How often is Christmas advertising to show that holidays are a? get closer and move closer to everywhere in Slovakia. Slòcaich from Sygic, who relied on more than 200 million worldwide users, exhibited a special event on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Even get a sailor of less than ten euros.

If you already have a license price for the Sygic Sauna that has been purchased in the meantime, you do not have to be in a sense. Inside the action, you can buy one of the useful tools, such as a CEO, Dashcam or Real View navigation presentation. Sygic has reduced its price for all replies to 2.99 euros.

In Slovakia, in the year 2017, according to Ministry's statistics Within the Slovak Republic, 3.5 million drivers were recorded. Most are feeling when they are & # 39; Christmas travel for families where most of them are going to; travel, and including sales drivers

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Compatibility in camera on board can be complicated before Christmas – with unsure results. The Dashcam app (2.99 euros) will already use your device – your phone.

You do not have to connect to the wind-sun, sign in, move to the address, and the camera on your digital phone is a & # 39; Record incredibly every incident on the road. If you happen, you can save and use the record later on when you confirm an insurance company.

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Christmas visits can bring you to new places and help with the help of the map can be challenging. So Sygic has developed Real View's activity (2.99 euros), which uses expanded truth to showcase a path; using your phone camera. You can see the path in a real environment, and simply provide a better guide on unidentified routes.

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In the winter, the days are shorter and more often in the darkness. If the screen gives you an exemption screen from the navigation screen, you can help buy a show (2.99 euros). Just enter the phone on the menu and see the information in the & # 39; wind.

Download Sygic navigation today for yourself or donate it as a Christmas gift for your loved one. This will give you vessels with many useful features, including online maps, at a fraction of the original price. Black Friday discounts on Sygic GPS navigation are effective until November 27th and are valid for Android and smartphones.

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