"Blacklist" medication capabilities and restrictions


Good idea: publish a list of checks regularly "More serious than useful". This is what the review is doing keep whose account of almost 100 molecules emerged "To avoid it due to the dangers". Among the 6 drugs that were introduced this year, the Decontractyl: "The effects – due to mephenesin – are usually in trouble, surgery, severe allergies, abuse and suffering. The oil shows that there is a severe bad bone. " But also the obstacle that includes oxomemazine, which is a. including many of the products (Toplexil and generics, including Humex dry oxomemazine) with neuroleptic features, which also contain; appear "Severe Impact". This is in 2019 which includes 93 results, and 82 of these are sold in France.

"It's a good thing to be scarce, even to scratch, says Professor Bernard Bégaud, who is familiar with the French situation. Looking to the list this year, there's no main scanner, such as a new Intermediate. " However, he and others ask about the potential effects of his & her; process.

There are situations, a Drug Safety Agency (ANSM) and a Health Commission Problem Commission, who have the job directly to assess the & # 39; risk effectiveness ratio. Others say we are dealing with a technique or exercise procedure only: sometimes, it may be better for a molecular molecule to prove for placebo effects only. These lists can also reduce the problem of substance misuse. And there is still a conflict of interest issue. order is defined as a journal that is not related to the medicine industry, which makes it a rare issue in the medical media. In addition, his articles are not named "But there is also an interesting link" Be careful. ANSM has indicated that a sailing (1) is established "Help herring warnings reporting". Anonymous information.

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