Blackout excavated Lara


Euseglimar González | The Lara Press.- The deadly results came in the 5 days without electricity in Lara to clarify the last 48 hours: three men shot fire, two black patients dies of dialysis, a 22-year-old child he was without oxygen and a man aged 80 was killed when he eventually killed an accident in an accident seven people left with the black-out left.

The first two Laredo victims were recorded at noon on Monday at 9 La La Avenue in Cabudare, just off the Chucho Briceño. A group of contributors came out to protest because they couldn't produce more light without light.

Because of this, the merchants started to close about the fear of "catching" and trying to resolve it.

It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon when Luis Materán Ojeda left his house in Las Acacias and told his wife that he was going to buy butter because he didn't want "a real ram" eat. Luis walked three blocks to 9 Avenue and got the complaint. Witnesses say that even ten minutes were gone when fire was shot and that the person had 32-years two football, one in the abdomen and one in the right leg.

"Let them die." In the street, it lasted a long time, "remarked on the local merchant recalling the minutes as well," he remarked that the local people were running for shelter and taking shelter. left Luis on the floor.

Traders said the paintings came from a vegetable store and grocery on Avenue 9. Indeed, it was industrial workers who burnt the display.

The draft of FAES and Cicpc was that three men, who were known in full, worked their weapons rather than their weapons.
While he was going hunting there was an injured man who also died an hour. A 15-year-old shot shot and hit it inside it. The young lad left home in part 4 of Colinas del Sur and when he was walking down the street he was in a fire line.

After 10 minutes, their two children car moved to Cabudare mobile and from there they sent him to Barquisimeto Central Hospital. Luis was let into Emergency without signal vital, while the young man was working, but after nearly 10 hours of his death he died.

Once in Palavecino, the Ruiz Pineda region, west of Barquisimeto, another young man was mortally wounded.

The message she received from her mother still by Ángel Rodríguez's mother (23), where she answered "Ok", in response to her warning that there was a danger on the main route in the area and was to return home, but her time she was thrown out in the backbone, apparently, when some of the men were burned as they pretended to be contacting a local man.

The young man died, but a group of men raised him and sent him to Seguro Pastor Oropeza but there was nothing to do.

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