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The "Finkenwerder" ferry was severely damaged after the war in Blankenese.

In Hamburg, he came on a Saturday morning on the Elbe to hit a boat. The 400-meter "Ever Given" freedmen opposed the HADAG ferry, Blankenese jetty.

The reason for the war said that the police were early in the evening; Believe that the storm has been pushing the keepers on the side. Initially, there was a talk of "blackout" of the contents of the vessel as a cause of the disaster, which would have influenced the management device as well. This police can no longer be treated.

The members of the team suffered tired

The cleaner, who went to the mouth of the Eb, went out of his / her; course and went to the ferry terminal in Blankenese. The "Finkenwerder" length of the HADAG 25 meter ferry was at that time. The small ferry went into the ferry and followed the trip. On the "Finkenwerder" there were three members of the team, but no passengers were aboard. The team fled with terror. The captain was transported as a hospital in a hospital, there were two other members of the fish, the police said.

Cover ship on Eil

The ferry ferries of the ferry ferry in front of Blankenese

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The last 400-meter freight has ever moved to the HADAG ferry at the Blankenese pier on Elba. No one was injured, the ferry was badly damaged.

In the evening he appeared Passengers' ferry was damaged: it was deeply worsened on one side, jumping the dams and even the pontains called the small vessel formed are enclosed by the brackets . The fire department was also found above the water line. No accounts were transferred according to the police.

A reservoir is still blocked for the time



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After the freight was hit by a ferry; "Finkenwerder" harbor shows that HogAG, chief executive Tobias Haack, was unhelpful; die. The destruction of the ferry would now be determined in detail.
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The extent of damage is still unknown. Hada's head, Tobias Haack, however, explained that the "big" damage. Port Port Hamburg's diverse Commission investigated the bridge for damaging Saturday afternoon. According to the police, the investment needs to be locked for a long time for repairs. Depending on the original results, they can only find the damage to behaviors.

Boats are explored

According to the police, it was still a drag for the freedoms. This may have been worse. Follow the "Ever Given" after the crash to attack the Elgin Estuary. Covering boats did not stop stopping, and a number of cars, the police said. Hamburg Water police officers were placed aboard and went to Rotterdam to explore.

Harbor ferry speed riders in Blankenese

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At the Blankenese ferry pier there has been an accident between the HADAG ferry and a ship ship. The 400-meter freightman is deadly killed and badly damaged.
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A cleanser would excavate the "Finkenwerder" harbor ferry on the Elbe. The ferry, which was at Blankenese Pier, was badly damaged. The boat followed a ship on the trip.
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