Blatt: The former Schenck Bank of Germany will go to Perella Weinberg


Frankfurt (APA / dpa) – The former Deputy Officer of Deutsche Bank, Marcus Schenck, became a partner at the US Bank of Perella Weinberg. He changed to London in February, reciting "Handelsblatt" (Tuesday). Then, he advises, among others, financial service providers, business customers and energy companies.

Schenck will also help "in the question on how to develop a growing organization now," said Perella Weinberg's newspaper Dietrich Becker. Schenck told the "Handelsblatt": "I prefer to be closer to the new field".

It was up to the superintendent banker's May and the year after the bank of Deutsche Bank and had left the company, after not, but was appointed a Christian Seed as Chief Executive and later John Cryan.

"It was a very inspiring and rich experience," said Schenck in a revision of his time at the largest financial center in Germany. "At that time, however, I started to establish the bank again as a European competitor in a banking bank. Today it is clear that this is not the right strategic direction for its bank more. That's why I'm not there now. "

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