Blekinge was the first place in Sweden to have HPV vaccine for boys


The Health Board and Medical Services in Region Blekinge today decided that the HPV vaccine would be introduced in boys at 5-6 levels.

Blekinge is the first place in Sweden to give boys a cancer vaccine. Girls had previously been offered an HPV vaccine, particularly in breast cancer.

– When one in three cancers find it, we don't wait for the waiting wait. Blekinge is the first in HPV-vaccine vaccine in Sweden, Emma Stjernlöf (M), the chair of the health care committee, says.

According to the Public Health Authority, HPV diseases can be linked to a number of cancers that affect women and men. Every year, more than 300 women and more than 700 women in Sweden suffer from HPV cancer. Among people, they are dominated by cancer, pain and alien.

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