Bliss for Facebook users! They may already be able to purchase within the social network


This new feature that Mark Zuckerberg offers brings to fruition in the pages that try to add this option.

Depending on Mobile World, this device is based on the client applying to the seller, and will decide whether or not to purchase which is subject to availability .

To start, you need to go to the page where you want to receive the service and share; selected.

Then, the action comes with Pay with Facebook; when you click on it, the different payroll services will open. At this stage, you will see the options that have been mentioned above, and a photograph which shows what kind of oppression Facebook might develop for the future. Engadget.

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Screenshot / Xataka

After this, when the user chooses 'Pay Now', the platform will automatically send a message via Facebook Messenger who says “I'm ready to buy”, together with a suggestion for the user to specify what they want to buy.

This new post will be available on Android and iOS devices. However, the tunes seem to indicate that the application so far has not been specified about its official dates.

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