Blizzard wants to monetize Warcraft again


Again Blizzard has shown that players are less interested in gaming, but a high price is vital. He asks almost € 10 for a 20 year game.

To win everything, Blizzard looked again. The company brings to GOG a revised version of Warcraft: Orcs & Human and Warcraft II Edition. The games are designed to be fully functional on today's systems. WII is available in 2 versions – to support high resolution researchers and LAN support, and a classic version with original SVGA graphics where support has been added. But the price is $ 9.99. The first Warcraft game costs $ 5.99. Both games can be purchased for € 13.29. We remind you that Warcraft III can go on better and more modern for money like it.

Does the creator actually mark the 25th anniversary of this game? For example, the Rockstar Games on GTA I and II have long been spread and are free. If you are interested in games, you can buy them here.

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