Blocher deselection and Amherd


Eleven years after retiring his SVP superintendent, VPP candidate Viola Amherd needs to give critical questions from the right party.

It was a definitive day of Polish politics; On 11 December 2007: SP, Greens, CVP and some of the Liberals Christoph Blocher (78) chose in a one-time, amazing act as the Feachdail Council.

The effects of the screen are still visible today. Recently, the BDP celebrated its tenth birthday – the SVP had restored its middle wings at that time. The polarization continued to grow and the right-wing party made the voters with a radical referee often. This Sunday, one of them voted, is the self-citation campaign.

Amberd is considered to be a Blocher voter

Viola Amherd (56) was a national adviser already in those days. In 2005, the Valaisian went into the Main Chamber for Jean-Michel Cina, 55, who was elected to the Valais government.

Blocher was also lost on the thread of Amherds, then party leader Christophe Darbellay (47). A large majority of the CBP's backed the right of the People's Party back to his residence on Coast Gold Zurich. In the SVP areas since then the young National Adviser Amherd has been thought to have been one of the people who had been in attendance. voting before.

SVP builds Amherd on Tuesday

Many of them now ask themselves: Will the SVP woman help CVP into the state government one eleven years later?
"Blocher closure must be a case in Amherd hearings in our organization," said National Council Nidwalden, Peter Keller (47). It is uncertain that his / her party will help make a representative from the voter Blocher to one of the highest political offices in Switzerland: "That would be a huge reward to her," said Keller.

The Middle East historian is also surprising in principle as the covenant of Amherd: "In the end, Switzerland was convinced that the ideas and The important parties in Bundesrat have to be represented according to their strength. " Le Blocher has been deleted. In addition, the National Council of Ulrich Giezendanner (65, AG) asks the topic of Blocher-deselection to be discussed at the Tuesday hearings. "She should stand as she criticizes her actions from now on."

«I refer to the election war»

The applicant itself does not wish to comment on his post for 11 years. "I refer to the electoral democracy," said Amherd. In a couple of ways, the blockage of the Blocher's SVP crash will almost never take her to her; scored at his party. On the left, on the other hand, there would be no reason to vote without.

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