Blood leader "Tambó Tambó" tubaist on Route 2 «Daily Capital of Mar del Plata


Head of a tropical group Tambó Tambó, Diego Mujica, He had an accident on Route 2 and had to be in hospital quickly.

As announced by journalist Luis Ventura Very Foreign, Mujica was in a car with two on Highway 2 to Mar del Plata, when the vehicles were hit and off; ends at a height kilometer 67, for reasons that are still a search.

Transient workers and ambulance workers went to the site to help victims of the disaster, both Mujica and two others were brought to Melchor Romero Hospital.

"I was with two others. A car driver, Marcelo Fabián Kesse, appears to have been in a good condition, and Walter Lencina, the other inside the truck , Diego Mujica has knees on his arm and legs. The firefighters, police, police station 15 interventions and the case has been named as & # 39 ; accidentally injured, "added Cora Debarbieri to the program in True Secrets.

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