Blood test can be found in lung cancer, surveillance scenes


London, February 13 (Prensa Latina) Recent research by British scientists has suggested that blood levels of blood pressure may occur. Deoxyribonucleic (DNA) device to produce early lungs, published Wednesday in the magazine Disease Models and Mechanisms.

During the study, experts from the Toxicology Unit from the British Medical Research Council used mice in a gene called KRAS to analyze the processes of lung cancer.

Researchers used regular tomatoes to monitor the development of small lung towers in the crew.

The team allowed mice with canal lungs at higher levels of DNA that were distributed compared to healthy animals, and that the levels of DNA were discharged from blood tinners in the blood related to tower size shown on CT scan.

After analyzing the DNA in circulation to confirm that KRAS's desire is to be done; caused by the tumors, the experts found that the KRAS crash was still found in the final stages of the development of a tumor where the tumor was still at risk. DNA.

The researcher, Miguel Martins, believes that similar checks on mice with prehistoric herbs in other materials should be similar to find out if DNA can be Dissemination of disease in early patients.

Lung cancer is the only reason for death associated with this disease in the world, especially due to difficulties in finding it at an early stage.

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