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According to foreign media statements, on 15 February, Switzerland, played the Wim Wenders "Under the Battle of Berlin" and played the Swiss star Bruno Gantz on Hitler in "Fall of the Empire" in the home of Zurich. Passed at the age of 77

This exhibition in "Fall of the Empire" recalls Chinese Bruno's listeners

Fragment of "Fury Chief"

The first time in Bruno theater in 1961 began as a strong young actor who won his reputation for him. In 1970 he co-founded "schaubuehne" in Berlin with Peter Stein. He made the film in the early 1960s and did not succeed greatly. The 1976 film "Sommerg? Ste" gave the opportunity to showcase its talents.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Bruno Gantz joined the contemporary German film werns Werner Herzog, Volker Schrondorf and Wim Wenders. "The Friends of America", the new version of "North Ferrara", "The Wrong Witness", "The World of Feelings" and other "German Sessions" are certainly the first male stars in the German film industry.

Sky Sky Styles

At the same time, he also played for world film masters such as Eric Houmai, Theo Angelopoulos, Francis Ford Coppola, who said "The Marquis of O", "Eternal Day" And "The Youth Without Youth" and Another artwork, and its Italian Dream "Dream of Dreams" comedy in 2000 is also one of their favorite films in Europe.

In 2010, the 23rd European Film Awards delivered the Lifelong Performance Award to Bruno.

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