Blue Jays trying to get rid of an opening strategy


LAS VEGAS – Some of the things that happened; in Charlie Montoyo when Tampa Bay Rays first uses the opening of the last 19th, and participating in the " decision to provide basic teaching tuition on site use and use them closer to start, rather than finishing a game.

Looking to & # 39; The nesting of the bats on the right handed over Angels Los Angeles's side once the lefty Ryan Yarbrough took over, Sergio Romo took a ball in the first inn when he went out to his team. Rome began again the next day and, long ago, it was a regular approach; for the ever creative Rays, one with a copy from others when they were trying to complete the quarry needs.

"When you think about it, it's the right hand," said Montoyo on Tuesday afternoon. "Rome has been closer and did a good job. Yarbrough was a clerk, he had to face the people (justice) twice in the line instead of three trips. We know that Average going up the third time (through an order for a pigeag) as a 70-bit-up point. That's how it came out …

"I saw work."

Now, that does not mean that the Jays Gorms are expecting to be poor; Going down a similar way to their cover in 2019, even though they are going to; Explore the commercial merchandise of Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez, their two columns in rotation right now.

Beginners searching behind Ryan Borucki and candidates within the school such as Thomas Pannone, Sean Reid-Foley, Trent Thornton and Sam Gaviglio have played the heart of Ross Atkins MG, 39; may be & # 39; Come to an extra winter meeting at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Because there are plenty of choice lochs at the Jays Gorm on the & # 39; menu, the most important thing to do the work of the opener, by using an opener for one slot in the & # 39; Distribute it may be easier to have the responsibility to & # 39; trying to get so much open.

However, at least for the moment, that is not their purpose.

"We are planning to complete a list of people who start and look for staff to build beyond the lines that followers are used, "said Atkins. "After saying that, the season may start, we may have one wound and that could be completely changed. Performance can change completely completely. But We look to find out so many weavers that we can build from that field in depth. "

Atkins said that the Blue Jays feel that they are "at a good start" to build a slip but that's not; keep up if Stroman and Sanchez live in her; timetable. No transaction is easy to make, because the Blue Jays say that activists are doing something that is wrong. complaining well on the right hand side.

On Monday, Atkins suggested that teams were going to start. valuing Stroman and Sanchez are more similar to the way in which they are, but clearly they have not reached a sweet place with potential candidates.

James Paxton's new trading at Seattle Mariners for the New York Yankees is the best goal for Justus Sheffield, Erik Swanson and Dom Thompson-Williams to have an interesting stick on how they think of the two Blue Jays.

The Canadian club, as Stroman and Sanchez, still has control, live and although he has come out in 2018 much better, over the last three seasons, he has made a WAR of 7.8 per Baseball Reference, and Stroman is at 7.4 and Sanchez is 5.9.

The Blue Jays, apparently, would argue that their ones are in a series similar to Paxton as a result of their devices, and other teams could argue for how small & # 39; and their latest shows.

In addition, it will appear to be willing to create a & # 39; Ability in the rotation, the Blue Jays to be creative as they get outdoors, and Atkins has been a number of tricks that put Thornton's pressure on, cruel justice from Houston for Aledmys Diaz, ; could be hired in a variety of jobs.

To that end, Atkins also said that he would like to "multiply" pieces that are complex and that may start / relieve and openly open. creating a lot of different opportunities in the small lenses, too, to think about creating staff that creatively welcome them. "

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The Blue Jays have not spoken to it about it, but Atkins suggested that someone like Ryan Tepera was the type of kitten that would be suitable for opening.

However, in a good world, the Blue Jays will be employing five beginners because "it's the traditional ways you do it, it's a lot more consistent."

"Guys who get 27 out, if so, you get the best talent," said Atkins. "Without the rest. If you get 5-8 beginners who can enter the seventh inn, you're doing better than 80 per cent of teams. "

The Blue Isles, which appear to be, are not among the 20% of their relatives in that regard the next year, which, at any time, makes the opener possible to be & # 39; board.

"If we had the right order to do it, it's going to work," said Montoyo. "If you do not have the right lottery – at the end of the day you have to put forward well. You can use the opener you want, but if we have enough to throw 98 for Open the game, that works well. "

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