Blues and Crusaders fight it: Augusto Barrios is in a position; appear as a reinforcement for U and UC Soccer


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National football clubs continue to continue; moving their cards to carry their performances for the 2019 season. And, between truths and players who leave the equipment, slowly there are some pictures on the army.

In case Catholic University and The University of Chile, as the two teams play the Libertadores Cup (the & # 39; s are marked to the second level and the UC & # 39; group level ), the idea is to create competitive teams for the mainland competition.

In this regard, both teams aim to have the right of Deportes Antofagasta and their national team, August Barrios.

In this regard, Víctor Oyarzún, the technical manager of the CDA, supported Bío Bío Sport "Augusto knows already that the U and another team are interested in addition. To date, no explanations of their future have been explained, we hope to be resolved in the days ahead. "

The head of Deportes Antofagasta realized that Barrios did not follow in the Pumas, because he said "we hope it is encouraged, so much for the quietness of our player as our place , and and see other options to replace ".

At the same time, The University of Chile gave an offer of 400 thousand dollars (about 270 million pesos) for half of the Barrios permits, which was rejected by the nortenos who expect to serve.

"There are some offers, everything in talks and conversations. But you do not come to something definitely, but we hope it will be arranged this week, "Oyarzún added.

At the same time, from Catholic University, Barrios were also consulting on the # Paint & Paint, although it is different to the "u", lThe discussions have not gone on significantly with the Crusader & # 39;.

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