Bluger launches a puck at his goal, "Penguins" a & # 39; influencing Rangers – Hocaidh –


Theodore Bluger He placed 13 minutes on the ice and 18 seconds, made one picture on the gate, gave five strokes, blocked one view and dropped negative (-1).

This season, NHL Bluger played nine games, set up three goals and gave one product. Until the NHL was asked, Bluger 45 matches took part in the American Hockey Club League (AHL), with 21 visits and 18 routes.

Chris Letang won the game in the second half of the first third, but 40 seconds before the end of the third, Rangers made the most. After Matsa Dzukarello gave the aim, Blugger tried to arrest him, but when he put the stick, he changed his clothes, and the rounded rubber hit the "Penguins" goal – 1: 1. In the third third, the teams put two advantages, but the positive events were held in the final final.

Having a second goal to Letang and then twice in a series to Eugene Malkin, "Penguins" put three goals quickly and was in the middle of the third by 6: 3. Kevin Heiz was the only goal in six smaller minutes before the end of the game, but in the # 39; Last minute, the visitor visited another goal by bringing the game sixth to the visitor center. Penguins were celebrating success with 6: 5.

"Penguins" returned to the one-off win. This is the third impact in the last four games, and the team is in a position; Eighth place at the East Conference. At the same time, Rangers suffered the third loss in the last five games, bringing 12 in the East.

The next game of the Pittsburgh team is Wednesday night, which meets Devils, New Jersey.

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