BLV Quang Tung talks about Van Quy correctly


This is a game that Vietnam does not get very good. However, further afield, Park Hang-player players have more experience. Especially in the second half, the precise changes made by the Korean historian who helped Vietnam had a great deal as well as many opportunities in Myanmar's side.

BLV Quang Tung said the detailed words of a Conclusion - Football

Van Resolution had a brutal game.

The decision regarding the job of a competition competition captain. Xuan Truong did not play well in the middle. And Do Hung Dung and Nguyen Trong Hoang on Vietnam helped to compete in a competition.

BLV Quang Tung said: "Indeed, when Van Decision was changed, we kick it pretty well. Thanks for moving Do Hung Dung, play Quang Hai free.

There were many situations that left the raid slower in the first half. The only point the Decision is to make is wings to the wings and stretch it into. But the ball is not effective in a game like this, when Myanmar plays her tightly.

Xuan Truong is not at the highest level. In the first half, the school has many settings to give the ball correctly. However, before a team that was rich in physical strength such as Myanmar, the school was very short on the outside court court and the employer, Park Hang-this was to be brought back.

Minh Tuan | 21:14 11/20/2018

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