BMW and Porsche are overlooking Tesla and they are currently in the process giving up an electric promotion point even faster


BMW and Porsche opened a power station that empowers power in just three minutes less than 100 kilometer electric vehicles. In this way, they will move to Tesla in the race to ensure that the battery cars are more suited.

The ultrafast ultra-prototype tax station has capacity of 450 kilometers, more than the ones that affect the Tesla. The test vehicles made to retain this energy power to 80% of their capacities in 15 minutes. In comparison, Tesla stations need about 30 minutes to reach the same type, according to its website.

Carmakers, who are developing a wave of electronic models to keep pace with the regulation of carbon emissions regulations, are under pressure to overcome consumer depletion with slow waulking hours and irregular infrastructure. Looking at this fire-heat application, the BMW, Daimler and Porsche, Volkswagen parent company also have a " building a network that fastens fast on the main roads of Europe.

The rapidly expanded place was developed by a consortium made up of two German car signs, the Siemens chief engineer and the Allego and Phoenix Contact E-Mobility freight experts. The Bavaria station was opened to the public Wednesday and is free for current modules, BMW said in a Thursday statement.

One problem: the device offers more power than current modules; support. BMW i3 will restrict its & # 39; Its power consumption is 50km, and iX3's battery use will be converted to 150 kilometers when it is launched in 2020.

For the test vehicles to complete the total electric surface, Porsche used a cooling system that caters battery cells at regular, long-term temperature; the tax cabbages had also declined. Siemens provided higher electricity voltage power supply to determine the boundaries of energy distribution.

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