Boards after unsuccessful matches by Portugal: The boys have a feeling where modern football is going


Slovenian Football Club Training for 21 years Adrián Guľa
Slovenian Football Club Training for 21 years Adrián Guľa

BRATISLAVA – Slovenian football players under 20 played two preparatory matches against Portugal's farmer last week. Adrian Gulu, Zverencom, did not even move into one of the two forces. In the first challenge, he sent 1: 3 to the Pyrenees peninsula, 1: 2 in the second.

"I am very pleased that there is such an agreement. For the first time and almost in the entire representation of the next Unit, we can focus Ten days complete. We played with the highest competitors, as in the current year, b & # 39; It is the Portuguese buzzards of Europe in areas of up to 17 and 19 years. They are going to compete in the world, that is what they are feeling. It was a good study. The men felt their own skin where a modern football was happening. I am pleased to see some of the things, and in some of the games they also showed, " The Member assessed in an interview for the official website of the Soccer Football Association (SFZ).

A coach before M. Trenčín or MŠK Žilina received a good response from his / her; competitors. For the better results, the Slovakians did not miss many. "The Portuguese recognized that it was a very good double relationship. We tried to play openly. In the first half of the strength it was very wild and the two sides formed A great deal of visitor opportunities. Our efficiency reduction has given us a better product. At the second meeting, we were already more rigorous and more consistent. Playing situations are a first duel, when the enemy Opening us, the resolution of the second competition boys is much more detailed. But, however, he would cost the methods of the attack. This is a small twist. players who remove many good things that can help them in their roles, " he said.

Novák was over sixty-three years ago who was happy with the work of the reconnaissance team, which has been really open. "We were sorry and the co-operation was very good. I believe it is also licensed by the Governing Committee. All partners showed not just a good character but also a high degree of knowledge. I appreciate that the new team has also given a number of actions to the player. It is vital that boys, as well as clubs , also working on the show. We will try to watch league games, in December I have a plan abroad for work placement, we are working on January's program to hit it, but it will be Keep in an uncommon term. I have a coach session and, indeed, I'll talk to the players, " the Member added for

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