Bob Sponge died


Stephen Hillenburg, creator of the animated character of SpongeBob Square Pants, left us at 57, reciting the Guardian.

Hillenburg, who is a revivor, writer and director, learned the bad news that he was suffering from lateral atleotrophic sclerosis (ALS) in March 2017.

"We are very tough about the news and today we want to celebrate Steven's life and work for a minute," says Nickelodeon's channel will be released.

Hilbertberg extended his opinion on Bob Sponge in the 1990s. The first episode of the animated series was broadcast on May 1, 1999. Not only are the herds and her friends but also many adults. Even the students will have a tradition to organize parties to see SpongeBob.

The show has received prestigious awards in the US and UK, including Emmy.

Translated and spoken in more than 60 languages. Hilenberg was also a screenwriter and producer of SpongeBob films that went on a big screen in 2004 and 2015. The bands provided more than $ 140 million in revenue.

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