Boban Marjanovic re-introduced the troika on the NBA Philadelphia-Brooklyn game


Almost four seasons were needed, and just 177 Boban Marjanovic games had to arrive at the first three since coming to NBA.

He did so on the Sunday at the Atlanta – Philadelphia game, and after a game ended, he will be back between Thursday and Friday, at home against Brooklyn Nets.

Marjanovic threw three times in the first quarter, just as he came into the bench.

Now it is clear that the "trouble" has been experienced so far, but in coaches who didn't let the opponent's basket have been put at risk like this, although it was known that he had been a series of sequences from distance learning.

Bret Braun tries to try this option – the first position at Joel Embid's squad took on several threads in each game – and maybe he got an extra "armor" for the playing game which was played. come!

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