Boca asked CONMEBOL to have the Superfinal and "compatible sanctions" to dispose of the River


As expected, Boca Juniors asked that the Copa Libertadores final re-registration was ready and that sanctions would be sent to the River after midfield Pablo Pérez he will return to a medical center and prove to have the effect on the environment.

"Atollético Boca Juniors Club has a formal show on this Sabbath asking for the final of the Libertadores Cup to be played in equality," the statement sent by the entity just four hours after the beginning of the meeting.

In addition, the group asked for xeneize that the River would be allowed for the attacks that the team suffered. "Boca believes that these conditions are not met and they want to interfere with their game, as well as implementing the corresponding sanctions," he said.

It's a hard request to do & # 39; Performing their game and summary before a president has sent a & # 39; Chonmebol, Alejandro Dominguez, "has no doubt that the game is playing at 17".

The South American body is covered in the "nobility agreement" signed yesterday afternoon at Monumental by Boca's president, Daniel Angelici, where the entity affirms its commitment to a & # 39; play a game.

However, Boca's sovereignty is covered by the rules of Conmebol that were highlighted in paragraph 2. In that case it is established that the local club, as the organizer of the meeting, "depends on the safety of the team both sides inside the stadium and in their campaigns too, during and after their game. "

The screenshot started on Saturday at 3:06 PM, when the Xeneize machine was forgotten in front of a hundred hundred River-leavers throwing rocks and a 100-meter cannon to get into the stadium.

The security areas were trying to control the situation by going to the # 39; cracking pepper and try a complex cocktail for Boca players: they went into the dressing room with vision problems, and casting, face cutting and two players with eyes splinters, including Captain Pablo Pérez.

Aithoca Boca, 4 hours away from the game

Atollético Boca Juniors Club gave a formal show to Conmebol on Sunday asking for the final of the Libertadores Cup to play in equalities, as agreed by the leaders of the South American, Boca and River entities, in the hare -mills submitted on Saturday at Monumental.

At yesterday's afternoon, Boca Juniors asked to disable his game due to the events and was established as a priority that he could be played under equal terms. After the violent actions that have suffered close to the stadium, have been aware of how big and badly they are. and their outcomes created in the center, Boca believes that these conditions are not met and requires the game to be put into action into the corresponding sanctions prepared in Article 18, until Conmebol works accordingly.

In the official warning, the xeneize club is trying to implement Article 18, where the following sanctions are set up for clubs that are in the public domain. broken by the rule.

The sanctions that Boca ask to apply for the River

1. The following sanctions can be taken, separately or together for the same crime, on national groups and clubs, in accordance with Article 64 of the ConmeBOL Statutes:

a) Warning.

b) Change, warning or warning.

c) An economic fine, which has never been less than DOLLARS IN ANY HUNDRED (USD 100) or more than DOLLARS SA FIRST HUNDRED THOUSAND (USD 400,000).

d) Produce the result of a game.

e) Reboot a game.

f) Result of points.

g) Decision on game output.

h) Duty to play a game behind closed doors.

i) Full or partial closure of the stadium.

j) Prohibition of playing a game in a special stadium.

k) Duty to play a game in a third country.

l) Discrimination of ongoing competitions and / or exclusion from future competitions.

m) Removal of title or prize.

n) Exclude permission.

o) Prohibition on sale and / or ticket purchase.

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