"Bòcan Buidhe": attacking a van of police in Leven


The images show the violence of the situation. In Lein, within action 14 of the "yellow actors", a police force was targeted by a number of campaigners on Saturday 16th February. Inside? Two members of the Republican Security Company (CRS), according to information from LCI.

While they had stopped in traffic, the last ones were attacked and filmed on the scene, on the last broadcast the Police Preferences union on Twitter. "We are brought to work and we get pipe stalls", one of the police said to express their confirmation. In terms of throwing more protocols more fully, the police will remove the siren quickly to make travel among the cars on the road.

If some of the "yellow actors" try to pull it by clicking on "#; climb on the back of the bar, the SNA will removing the situation when it comes up, reinforce. "I was too scared"says the driver, a brief breath.

The Minister of Interior inside Christophe Castaner changed to those images, recites "unthinkable violence". "Tomorrow, they will be in their police station for a complaint about a woman who was converted or registered to help the trader. They are always: our protection. Duty to us: do not let anything happen," he wrote. on Twitter.

ma more than one thousand complainants had gathered early afternoon in the middle of Lyon, also moving to some of the past weeks, "yellow matches" blocked for almost two hours on traffic on the A7 road at the south Lyon, causes traffic problems this weekend to cross the roads.

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