Bodies send in their sleeping stick to their sleeping stick


Around 22 million Americans suffer from a sleep apnea, which has a respiratory breath, or breathing breaths. In addition to the signs of tiredness, soreness and depression can be caused by sleep apnea, and in severe cases, stroke and heart failure. The update to Withings ($ 100) sleeping bear will monitor night time breathing problems, and provide educational content to users about sleeping apnea signage through the Health Mate app.

The update also helps to fix the company's sleeping mat, but only for the competitors – Apple's Apple Beddit example will cost $ 150 but this is not. But this is just the first step for Andings in this area. The company claims that it operates on a more advanced basis for a sleep apology, and aims to secure a certificate with the Medical Certificate of Excellence in place for the end of the year.

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