Boeing went to Dow Jones in red


The main New York merchants, Nyse and Nasdaq, ended in plus. Dow Jones, the language program, has been dragged into a state of collapse in the Boeing boom.

Today's macro figures showed that customers in the US had risen at 0.2 in February, according to the estimates. Flat rates fell long after publication.

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The Brexit contract was re-voted in the lowest house with a three-figure limit. It is likely that the indexes have not been affected in the indexes.

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Dow Jones came up to 0.38 per cent to 25,554.66 points

Twenty of the 30 companies entered the index.

Despite the fact that most of the elements in the index rose, Dow Jones ended in a minus. The manufacturer of Boeing aircraft fell 6.13 per cent in the second trading day after the aircraft in Ethiopia. A number of countries and airlines, including Norway and Norway, announced that they would be running 737 Max 8 out of service.

Amongst the outstanding highlights were their health insurance insurance, UnitedHealth, Apple and Home Depot. They rose 1.24, 1.12 and 0.89 in the first one.

Apple has continued to increase after the American Bank updated its stock and the company announced the date when an exhibition was launched. On Monday, the American Bank built the price target to $ 210.

S&P rose 500 to 2,791.63 points after raising 0.30 per cent

The top 10 of the trade is.

American Airlines, the largest airlines in the United States, and Boeing 737 Max 8 collapsed in size 3.54 per cent. US air authorities have not ordered the type of aircraft to be flown, but several other countries have refused to fly in their airfield.

NASDAQ's biggest contribution was up 0.44 per cent to 7,591.03 points

Of the 10 most commercial measures.

Tesla fell by 2.60 per cent to $ 282.85. Among today's news about Tesla, Morgan Stanley reduced his target by $ 20 to $ 260 per section.

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A alphabet, the parent organization of Google, ended at 1.44 per cent, despite a group of media asking Australian authorities to break up the company.

The winners and losers.

VIX index, often called the fear index, fell 3.84 per cent to 13.78.

Oil and gold

Oil prices rose by 0.09 per cent to $ 66.66.

The gold price rose by 0.66 per cent to $ 1301.80.

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