"Bolero Boss" and the next day near death due to rare diseases


In September, 1974, the Vu Thanh Vinh Managing Director created the public responsibility when the hospital was abruptly due to comma. At that time, he was a director of a series of "hot" programs such as "Solo le Bolero", "Bolero Love", "Laughing Viet", … and his role as "Bolero" As the beginner and the person – This species of fetus was returned to Vietnam.

The director, "Bolero boss", causes the death of a strange virus at the end of 2017.

After more than a year since he fell ill, he decided his first book, "How Much Life Was Worth," and spread the word about how sad it was; life was, passing over the deadly battle of his life.

At that time, it was diagnosed by a kind of strange virus, the doctors at Hoan My Hospital so Cho Ray did not meet the cause of a sick director. Friends said that Vinh Thanh Vinh knows how to deal with health, healthy eating, regular exercise, without smoking, without alcohol, so an unidentified disease incident. As a result, the family is worried.

In a few short days, this rare virus has been eating almost the lungs of Vinh Thanh Vinh, the Sadly Artist, causing it to be; fall into deep coma. Doctors have poor doctors, saving the life potential "Bolero boss" was only 1% and advised that his family should prepare peacefully.

A few years ago, doctors did not get the cause of their illness and told his family to prepare the psychology.

Although all the friends and colleagues are hoping, only Thuy Nga, the Bolero woman, continues to pray and her; Believe in a miracle that will happen to her husband. Fortunately, he came to the family of Vũ Thành Vinh's director when he woke up after more than a week in hospital, a stomach virus also had a chance to attack lung after two antibiotics.

"From awakening, there are evenings when I need to experience great pain, white nights that are not sorry to sleep, because I'm afraid I do not close my eyes open. Tell me myself to be patient through the door "he recites.

The days that were lying in bed, thinking about writing books; appearing head. After going over the line of life and death, "Bolero" was gradually recovered, he also started returning to work as a leader and judge in many television shows . In addition to professional work, the director will cost more than one year to write the book "How many cost of life" is based on its true story.

"Boss Bolero" spent a year writing books about his true tale.

Famous Artist Composer Vu Thanh Vinh: "I hope after reading the book, you'll appreciate what you have. I think the reader will look like me, and think about me to spend my life every day When a death is not fired on the door, we'll forget our health, always be tired of their life Excavating every day with a great deal of concerns. Did you ask me to have been really awful, "Are you happy?" And are you sure that happiness is happening? Only when this is this? Happiness here, around you, you just recognize it. "

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