"Bomb of complexity" allowed Ethereum to reduce 13,000 medals a day


The Ethereum daily magazine arrived on Sunday, February 10 to a low historical level, which dropped to 13,000 ETH. This is the Trust Trust.

One block blocking time in the Ethereum network is more than 20 seconds, with the average daily number of items falling from 580,000 to 380,000 units. Each item is a commission of $ 0.005. ETH price for the week has risen from $ 100 to $ 120.

The changes that occur in the Ethereum network, the "ice age" called, a business that was planned on Constantinople. It is expected that the daily distribution will be set at 13400 ETH after launching, and the construction time will be one unit of 14 seconds, and the prize will be reduced from 3 to 2 ETH. Ethereum's low level is about 4%.

Hardfork will be held on Àir block. 7,280,000 tested on February 25.

At the same time as Constantinople, the stronghold of Petersburg will be implemented on the Ethereum network. It will be designed to disallow the EIP-1283 protocol, which has problems with Reentrancycies problems identified. It is due to it and the restoration was suspended in January.

At least the least remembers by & # 39; Implementing "bom biodiversity" on everyday awards for mineral blocks in the Ethereum network from 20,000 to 15,000 ETH.

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