BOMBA on the derby at BUENOS AIRES! They got it under a tree! (picture)


A football home competition is a really interesting thing. The scenes are developed, but everything has boundaries.

In the Argentine capital Buenos Aires There is also a third-class city derby in the third league, known as the Metropolitan B competition. Before their game between the clubs Ituzaingo and Deportivo Merto (the game ended with 0: 0), it would have to give a special unit of the police for explosives, because they said it was one of the grenade fees.


And it was true. The Garrison was at the Carlos Alberto Sacaan stadium, on the platform where the fans of the Deportiva should visit. The grit was found twice three times before the blade was opened, and then the special unit was removed.

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"We got an explosive device on the ground, under the tree for fans of visitors. We closed the game and we protected the place and then we removed the grenade" the police said. The game started with delay.

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President of Ituzaingo Club Hernando Politano he said: "I was in the blade when the grenade was found, it was buried in the ground a half, it was not seen as a ghost, but a bit of a bad burial. It was buried under one of the taxes, and the police put the body explosion. "

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